2022 Interior Design Trends

Almost all new interior design trends 2022 are aimed at creating comfortable, cozy rooms with a favorable atmosphere. The emphasis is on sustainable materials. 

70’s Retro Style

A nostalgic revival style that started in fashion is going to be popular again in the next 2022 interior design trends.

90’s Urban Style

The street art movement that started in this decade, will be back with a contemporary feel.

Smart Furniture

Adapted to the new consumer, furniture with a digital or automated feature is an upcoming trend.

Glass Sustainable Material

Glass foldable walls or dividers will create a dynamic between interior and outdoor living, the entire year. Also, in furniture, glass is a key sustainable material.

Organic Materials

There’s an increasing awareness in having natural pieces. Elements such as cork walls or hump curtains will highlight the interior design trends 2022 season.

Recreative Spaces

A space designed for work and recreation will have major importance in the next interior design season.