Christian Liaigre, the icon.

Christian Liaigre's Iconic Career - Simple, Sincere, And Fluid Lines

Christian Liaigre was a visionary interior designer who has built his reputation on the refined quality of his furniture and interiors, whose clients included Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Rupert Murdoch and the Mercer hotel in Soho, New York.

Christian’s work was so good he has been described as Europe’s most renowned industrial architect of this century. 

Christian Liaigre is credited with redefining modernism and pioneering the use of dark wood, leather sofas and the luxurious cream, brown and grey palette integral to today’s stylish interiors.

Defined by being one of the best french interior designers, in a global scale, so his reputation is an absolute legend.You can feel the luxury behind his projects, and how it all states into a perfect combination, as you can see in this project, where the bright color mixes perfectly with the dark wood furniture.

In this project you can observe a perfect balance between a darker and a brighter furniture, giving it the perfect concept for a minimalistic, yet classical concept to this living room. Christian Liaigre also left some rustic touches to the décor of this room, giving its full potential to combine miscellaneous styles.

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