Luxury Beauty Salon in Lisbon

Cozy and welcoming ladies beauty salon in Lisbon designed by our team.
The main task for designers was to create a luxury cozy environment that would include all the areas for beauty procedures withing the small space.

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Moscow Shoes Luxury Store

The fanciest shoe store of Moscow will be finalised in May 2023, for a very special brand that every woman knows.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Madrid Restaurant

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Berlin Design Caffe

Berlin is renowned for its vibrant mood and the Urban Coffee will follow that vision.
With an all day menu this is the place for people to meet, connect and be seen.
The dowtown caffe offers a modern, elegant and stylish ambience together with healthy food, amazing coffee and drinks. An edgy materials combination – terrazzo, blue velvet and copper metal -was made creating a fun interpretation of industrial design.
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Yhdessä Restaurant in Ruovesi

This project was a collaboration between Studio Autograph and a Swedish design studio specialized in hospitality spaces.
Placed just in front of one of the most famous lakes in Finland and graciously gifted with natural light, Yhdessä will be a luxury restaurant for family and friends retreats.
The way the designers made unexpected pairings of materials and shapes, followed the owner’s premise for space: A classy ambiance with a twist of fun.

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